Bella Media PowerListings & Reputation Management Program

Bella Media Services offer Reputation Management Services that take the average responses to inquiries and thoughtful replies to comments from social media and search engine review participants to a whole new level.  We believe that part of successful connecting is being responsive specifically when people voice online concerns or complaints.  If someone has an issue or negative comment, we send email alerts to you within one week of the complaint and provide consultation in how to remedy the situation.

This consultation will allow you an opportunity to add your input regarding the concern.  In most cases, we encourage business owners/managers to solve conflicts offline.  In some cases, we will respond objectively and cordially publicly to the complaining member for you after careful direction and consultation regarding the matter.  You always have complete control over your online presence reputation management portal with a private, secure, login to monitor your own reviews and edit your enhanced listing that is included in your program.

Reputation Management service includes our Digital Presence Management Tool also called: Bella Media PowerListings, a part of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program that creates, updates and promotes an enhanced business listing in 70+ search engines across the web. We build out a unique enhanced listing with employee bios, social media connections, extended business summaries, multiple photos, rich key word content, relevant categories, and much more that give your business a competitive advantage over most businesses that opt in only for a free basic listing.  We can track every search engine and social media that your business is connected to from one efficient platform to consistently monitor weekly what is being said about your business.  This also allows us to keep track of your overall reputation score on various platforms.  A preferable overall online review score is a 4 to 5-star rating.  We work hard to keep your score at the top of the charts!

Social media and search engine review sites that are readily available to anyone that visits your business creates an urgency for companies to utilize Reputation Management Services that monitor online reviews across all social media platforms and search engine review sites.  A proactive stance to reputation is essential as problems left to fester can cause greater issues down the road.  Businesses that do not track their reputations can find many complaints that have built up unattended that can cause a major loss to business and good reputation.  We encourage all businesses in this amazing day and age of social media and search engines that accommodate reviews to monitor your reputation carefully.

Lastly, since your reputation is one of the most important aspects of your business, we encourage you to add this to your bundle of services so that we can diligently assist you in taking a proactive stance to assure that your reputation remains positive in the eyes of the public.