SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Bella Media Services offer SEM marketing through Google Adwords, a pay per click program, that delivers compelling ads to prospective clients at the top, bottom or left side of Google search.  You only pay if the potential client clicks your ads. Bella Media Services can set up and run your advertising campaign for you from keyword selection to unique ad creation, and ongoing campaign optimization, so all you have to worry about is turning your new traffic into paying customers.


Photo Courtesy of Google


Common Questions/Answers regarding the Google Ad Words Program

I already appear on Google search results. Why should I pay to advertise?

Your current customers likely search for your business by name (i.e. “brynn’s flower shop”). Consequently, your website shows up in their natural search results. Prospective customers, however, tend to search by topic and location (i.e. “wedding flowers san francisco”), in which case your website might not show up. So even if you already appear on Google, advertising next to relevant search results can help you increase your visibility on Google and get more visitors to your website.

What is AdWords Express and how is it different from AdWords?

AdWords Express is a great choice for local businesses with smaller monthly marketing budgets that want a quick and easy way to promote themselves with Google. We create an account, provide your business information, pick a category, write your ad, select a monthly budget and you’re good to go! Where and when your ad appears is managed automatically. AdWords Express only covers a 40-mile maximum radius from your business location.

AdWords is for businesses that want a larger geographic region, more features, more reports, more tools and more control over their ad campaign. With AdWords you can advertise not only locally but also regionally or nationwide. Companies with larger monthly marketing budgets will benefit with AdWords as we select your keywords and write multiple ads (for example, if you want to promote multiple products or services).

Regarding investment fees:  you set your own monthly budget that is paid directly to Google Adwords with a credit card and pay a small monthly management fee to Bella Media Services.  We send monthly in-depth reports, give you a call or visit each month to discuss your results and answer your questions. We work closely with our Google Partner and our clients to assure that we are gaining optimal results for every investment dollar.